& zo een gelukkig leven te creëren

Practicing gratitude can do wonders for your life and make your heart sing. A study by researcher Chih-Che Lin at Ming Chuan University found that gratitude can significantly increase life satisfaction and decrease negative emotions. It’s not a complicated practice that only hippies have mastered. It is more a happy vibe that you can use to boost your life in more ways than one.

Living through a pandemic can be challenging, and it can be hard to stay positive. But, if you can use the magical power of practicing gratitude, you can beat the coronavirus blues. You can flip the current situation on its head and start spreading some happiness to all.

What is gratitude?

So, what is gratitude? Well, a dictionary definition online will tell you that gratitude is “the quality of being thankful…to show appreciation for and return kindness”.

There is no set thing you need to do to practice gratitude, as long as there is some form of appreciation. This appreciation can take many different forms. There are so many fun ways you can show gratitude in your life.

Why is practicing gratitude so powerful?

Think about all those times when somebody has complimented you. Or they have helped you or shown some gentle kindness. Remember how you felt when somebody was kind to you? You probably had a warm fuzzy feeling inside.

That feeling is the essence of gratitude. Giving without expecting anything in return is powerful. However, practicing gratitude is like a snowball fight of fun that keeps getting bigger.

It is like the universe is watching your gratitude journey and wants to repay you. You end up receiving unexpected opportunities and happiness yourself. So, why not express your gratitude to everything and everybody.

How do you practice gratitude?

Practicing gratitude is so easy to do that anybody can do. You don’t need to learn it. Think about opening your heart to the endless possibilities in your life. You can start your mini-campaign of gratitude. Aim to show appreciation in every area of your beautiful life.

Practicing Gratitude – 10 Easy Ways

Here are ten fun ways you can use to start practicing gratitude. They are so easy to do, with no special skills needed. You can get started on your gratitude journey straightaway.

1| Start an end of the day ritual

When you finish your day, grab a piece of paper and write down something that made you happy. You can put it in a gratitude bottle/box/jar. You will find that so many different things make you happy, even when you have the odd bad day.

Get excited and ready to look at them at the end of the week/month. Read about all the things that have made you happy. Sometimes you forget about the things that made you happy. It is pure gratitude magic in a jar!

2| Your special 30 minute time-out

We can be so busy with work, family, and friends that sometimes we can forget about ourselves. Every day, schedule in your daily planner or diary a 30-minute time-out for you. It doesn’t matter how busy you are; make sure you set this time aside.

This time-out is your way of showing gratitude and respect to your body and mind. Pick an activity that you love and want to do. Read a book if you’re a bookworm or have a good soak in a bath, or get out into nature. Whatever floats your boat, schedule those 30 minutes, especially for you.

3| Look for silver linings in everything

Silver linings are everywhere, not only around fluffy clouds. Open up your mind and start looking for silver linings, especially when times are hard. It might seem impossible in the beginning, but if you look, you will find them. Positive thinking can help to reduce stress and improve your overall well-being.

Take some pesky negative situations and create positives from them. Be grateful for the negative things in your life. They are here to teach you so that you can learn from them. Accept them, find the positive from them, and be grateful for the lesson that you learned.

4| Organize a clean-up to show gratitude to the earth

It is not only other people that can receive your gratitude. Our planet earth has to deal with a lot of discarded rubbish. Arrange a fun day walk to clean-up some trash with your friends.

Not only do you get to spend some quality time with your best buddies. But you can also thank the planet for everything it gives you. Mother nature will be so grateful for your attention!

5| Gratitude affirmations and positive mantras

The chances are, you have heard about affirmations and positive mantras. Once again, it is not something steeped in mystery. Anybody can do it. Using affirmations/positive mantras daily can help you believe in what you want to do.

Think about some words, a phrase, or a quote that makes you feel positive and happy. A couple of examples could be “I am grateful for every day,” and “I practice gratitude and cultivate joy.”

Create a gratitude spot so you can see or hear them every day. This positive reinforcement makes you feel that anything is possible in your life. Listen to your words and believe them.

6| Use a gratitude journal

Researchers at Queens University found that we have more than 6,000 thoughts every day. These thoughts are a jumble of thoughts. Trying to manage and process so many ideas is a full-time job! So how can you arrange these thoughts so they make sense to you?

A gratitude journal is a beautiful inspirational tool that you can use to help you. Collecting your thoughts, feelings, and actions connected to gratitude can be life-changing. It can give you clarity and meaning to guide you in your life. Your gratitude journal can be your new best friend.

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7| Give a present to a keyworker

Surprise the staff at your local supermarket with a small present. It can show your gratitude for their hard work/service during coronavirus. Also, don’t forget your appreciation for the local binman to your regular bus driver. Showing your appreciation can mean so much for people who might feel a bit forgotten.

It is a sign of recognition to show your appreciation and return some kindness to them. If you are not sure what to buy the keyworker, you could always write a letter from your heart. Whatever you decide to do, the keyworker will love it.

8| Arrange surprise group lunch for your friends

Your friends know you love them but have you told them recently? Chances are, you have not done it. They are always there for us throughout all the ups and downs of life.

So, arrange a surprise group lunch or night out for all your friends, to thank them for being your friend. It is a gesture of gratitude that they will appreciate. It is also another fun memory that you can create and share.

9| Engage your local community

You might give a quick wave or nod of the head to your neighbors. For some people, that is the only interaction they have with their neighbors. Creating a community spirit can help others in need and take any local event to the next level.

Find out what events your community does and join in. If there are no events, arrange a fun event, even a virtual one. It will all help to create a happy local community that has respect and gratitude for each other.

10| Become a daredevil

If you find you are scared or nervous to do something. Be grateful that you have the opportunity to try something new and exciting. Go for it, do it, and enjoy the unique experience. Sometimes pushing yourself and giving it a go can be a blessing in disguise. It can raise your personal development to a different level. It helps you appreciate new and exciting things.


Practicing gratitude is an easy and satisfying way to create a happier life. It is a selfless act that can affect both yourself and others. There is no time like the present to start practicing gratitude. Work your way through the list above and watch what happens. Enjoy the life-changing situations you can help to create in your new happy world.